Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Prof. Dr Josef Flammer Receives 2018 Fankhauser Award

 Internationally acknowledged as a leading researcher on glaucoma and our guest author, Dr Josef Flammer was awarded the 2018 Fankhauser award. We offer our heartiest congratulations to Prof Flammer for another feather in his cap.

Prof. Josef Flammer dedicated his career to studying the role of blood flow in glaucoma patients. This led him to the discovery of primary vascular dysregulation (PVD) and the Flammer syndrome, which suggest that ocular blood flow abnormalities predispose patients to glaucomatous damage. To honor his work and his contribution to our current understanding of glaucoma, he was awarded the 2018 Fankhauser prize. During the award ceremony, Prof. Flammer discussed his scientific journey, starting with the patient that sparked his interest in studying the connection between blood flow and glaucoma.


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