Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Glaucoma suspects are controversial clinical dilemmas. These individuals harbor certain risk factors or demonstrate some clinical features suggestive of an increased probability to develop glaucomatous optic atrophy in the future. These characteristics range from high intraocular pressure; optic disc, visual field, or retinal nerve fiber layer abnormalities; or abnormal angles to a positive family history of glaucoma and other risk factors. Individuals having these characteristics should be assessed diligently before a diagnosis of glaucoma is made. Glaucoma is a chronic, lifelong condition, having a negative impact on the quality of life, with an increased risk of medication-related side-effects, adverse economic impacts, and the need for lifestyle changes in the patient. Overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment of such individuals is bereft of any advantage. 

My article on Glaucoma suspects has been published in the latest issue of Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology. This review aims to provide a practical blueprint for the proper diagnosis and management of such glaucoma suspects. I hope it will be of interest to the general ophthalmologists and residents dealing with Glaucoma patients.


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