Friday, June 23, 2017


Dear colleagues,

It is one year of the "Glaucoma Specialty Club", the glog which started with modest goals of interacting with fellow ophthalmologists and to provide professional information on glaucoma. Most websites provide information for patients and not for health-care professionals. Frequently, I surfed the world-wide web for a website which would cater to health-care providers but was unable to find one which could satisfy my thirst. "Glaucoma Specialty Club: The Glog", aspires to fill that gap and help every ophthalmologist interested in glaucoma.

During the last 1 year I tried to write about the fundamental principles guiding us in the understanding of glaucoma (anatomy of the ciliary body, aqueous production), certain types of glaucomas (lens induced), investigations pertinent to glaucoma (visual fields, anterior segment imaging) and also management of glaucoma (Ahmad's Modified Trabeculectomy Technique, complications of trabeculectomy) and so on. The idea was to keep every level of understanding represented in this interaction. 

I do not know to what extent I succeeded in my efforts. The positive messages I got from different people, the over 5000 visitors to the site from various countries extending from Malaysia, Japan, Russia, India, Pakistan, UAE, US, UK, Brazil, Argentina and so on made me humbled. This is the impetus which carries me forwards. 

I wish I could thank every visitor personally for visiting the glog, for the comments and support. For me this is the energy which keeps my passion burning and inspiring me to improve. There are already a few changes which have come up. The write-up part on the web-page has been made wider, the background has changed and there is a new logo. 

There are more plans being made to make some more changes in the near future. The glog aspires to continue its primary mission of imparting glaucoma related knowledge free and openly accessible to everyone. So, I look forward to see you all coming here regularly and guiding me. Adios for now!

-Syed Shoeb Ahmad

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