Thursday, June 14, 2018


Two years have passed since I took up the challenge to share my thoughts on glaucoma with a larger audience. I neither have any experience blogging, nor could I have access to any professional help in developing a website/blog. This is just an attempt to share some knowledge I have gained on a purely amateur level.

As before, I have made some changes to the glog. Foremost, I have changed the name to "Glaucoma Specialist Club", this will improve online search of the glog. There’s a new logo and a new theme. Hopefully, these changes will bring a fresh impetus in our efforts to make the study of glaucoma simple and comprehensive at the same time. During the past 1 year there have been around 7000 visits to the glog. I got some comments from visitors also. They have all helped me in improving the glog.

On a personal level, I have seen some unforeseen events happening in my life. That affected the regularity of the posts on the glog. Hopefully, I shall update you all once things settle. 

As always, please guide me and show me ways to improve this glog.

With best wishes



(Dr Syed Shoeb Ahmad)

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